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If you need to periodically check on hand inventory or verify that all company's assets are in place, you know how tedious and error-prone manual inventory counts and asset audits can be. Business needs to be shut down for a day or more, with all employees counting and re-counting inventory several times until numbers match, then enter all these data to the computer.
If you want to speed up, simplify and error-proof this process, QR Audit might be the answer!
QR Audit uses QR code, mobile and cloud technology to make inventory control tasks fast and easy. Using QR Audit mobile application, employees can scan assets or inventory instead of taking it manually with paper and pencil. Multiple employees can take part in the inventory count at the same time to expedite the process.
As employee scans inventory in, (s)he can see running feed on the smartphone screen, and can make corrections if necessary. At any time during the process an employee can submit the batch directly to the cloud. There are no misplaced or lost information, and no need for any manual entries.
fast stocktaking and asset audits
Expedite Inventory Counts, Stocktaking, Asset Audits
Automate inventory count by using smartphones or tablets to scan in inventory.
Multiple employees can take inventory concurrently, speeding up the process.
QR Audit mobile application is designed for continuous scanning / minimum user interaction.
Scanned data are send directly to the cloud: no data loss or double entry.


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