Mobile Stock Taking and Inventory Control

Mobile Asset Audit Software With Cloud Based Back-End

Make sure all of your assets are accounted for. QR Audit provides a fast and efficient way to track and audit business assets.

mobile stocktaking

mobile qr code scanning

Use Smartphones For Scanning

Use smartphones and tablets to scan in assets. New assets can be labeled, entered into the system and scanned into the audit batch on the spot.
cloud asset control

Cloud Based Software

Asset audits data are saved in a secure cloud. Search and access past audits, identify missing assets, export data to sync with asset management software.
qr codes nfc tags

QR Codes, Barcodes or NFC

QR Audit supports qr codes, barcodes and NFC tags. Use tags you have, or generate QR code labels using QR Audit built-in tool.

Fixed Asset Audits Made Easy By Mobile Devices / QR Codes.

QR Audit combines comprehensive data capture using mobile devices with a central cloud-based database for data storage, resulting in fast, efficient and error-free asset audits.

Conduct company-wide audits, audits in the specific locations or with the employees, where employees verify possession of an asset by scanning its label with a smartphone. Scan assets in with or without data connection. Scanned assets are automatically saved on the employee's mobile phone until (s)he submits a batch to the cloud.

Control audits schedule via the web based admin interface. Create pre-planned audits, define when audit starts and ends, what location(s) and group(s) of items need to be audited. Authorized employees can also create ad hoc audits on their mobile devices, when a single employee needs to verify assets in a small location or in his / her possession.

Search, browse and review current and historic audit reports. Identify missing and found assets, review missing items statistics. Export reports and sync with your asset tracking program, or use together with QR Inventory asset management software.


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