Mobile Stock Taking and Inventory Control
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Barcode Mobile Stocktaking Software With Cloud-Based Backend

QR Audit is a modern web based inventory counting / assets audit software, coupled with a mobile application used for stock taking. Complete stock taking, physical inventory count or fixed assets audit in hours, rather than days or weeks - and get accurate, error-free results. Generate and print QR code labels, review comprehensive reports, import and export data via intuitive web-based interface.

qr codes nfc tags
Use NFC tags, QR codes or barcodes for tagging assets and inventory. Scan asset labels to read data quickly, reliably and error-free.
cloud inventory control
Employees can use their or company smartphones for inventory stocktaking or fixed assets audit. Data are saved in a secure cloud.
inventory count reports
Review and download audit results, reports on discrepancies, missing assets or inventory items via password-protected web interface.

What QR Audit Is For?



Perform stocktaking fast and error-free by scanning QR code, barcode labels or NFC tags with a smartphone (iPhone or Android). More»


Physical Inventory Count

Conduct complete or cycle inventory count, compare with what is on the books, get discrepancies and missing inventory reports. Use barcode or QR code scanning for fast inventory reading, save results in a secure cloud. More»


Fixed Asset Audit

Scan QR code label or tag on the company's fixed assets to perform assets audit. Any number of employees can take part in the audit concurrently, using their smartphones or tablets as scanners. More»


On Hand Inventory Verification

Use QR Audit for verification of assets / inventory that employees / teams should have on hand. Allow team leader to scan on hand inventory with a smartphone, submit results to the cloud. Identify missing, misplaced or lost assets and inventory for each team. More»


Used Inventory Reports

Identify inventory that was used in a specific location or for a project. Scan current inventory with a smartphone - and QR Audit will compare it to the original list, produce a report on what was used. More»

How QR Audit Speeds Up & Error Proofs Stocktaking / Audits


Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning speeds up inventory entry, prevents errors associated with manual data entry.


Data Are Stored In A Secure Cloud

Scanned data are sent to a secure cloud, preventing misplacement or loss of collected information.


Multi-User Environment

Any number of employees can work concurrently in different locations / sections of the warehouse.


Default Quantity

Specify default quantity that will be added with each scan. Employees do not need to manually enter quantity or perform multiple scans for packaged items.


Mobile Application Design

QR Audit mobile application is designed for continuous scanning with minimum clicks / minimum required user interaction.


Review Running Feed

QR Audit mobile application displays running inventory feed, allows for corrections before submitting scanned items batch to the cloud.


No Double Entries

Submit data to the cloud in batches as you scan - no need to re-enter manually taken notes to the computer.

QR Audit Benefits


Fast, Error-Free Audits

Use barcode scanning to perform inventory count and audits fast, avoid manual entry errors. No need to stop business operations - perform physical inventory in hours, not days or weeks.


Save Money On Hardware

Scan in inventory using smartphones, save money on purchasing scanning hardware: barcode scanners, PDAs, mobile computers.


Barcodes, QR Codes or NFC tags

QR Audit works with what you have: barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags. In case your assets or inventory are not labeled, QR Audit has built-in QR code labels generator.


Sync With Inventory Management Software

Export audit reports and sync data with your inventory management. Do inventory adjustment in one click if you are using QR Audit along with QR Inventory software.

More QR Audit Benefits»

QR Audit Features


Cloud Based Software

QR Audit is an online stocktaking and inventory control software that uses mobile devices to conduct inventory count and asset audits.


Barcode Scanning

Fast and error free stocktaking / audit process.


Use Smartphone As A Scanner

Save money on purchasing scanning hardware - employees can scan in inventory with their own smartphones.


Built-in QR Code Generator

Inventory or assets not labeled? Use built-in web based tool to generate, layout and print QR code labels.

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