Mobile Stock Taking and Inventory Control

Mobile Inventory Control Software: Features & Benefits

Simple yet powerful online inventory control system with just the right features to make physical inventory count and assets audits fast, efficient, error-free and easy to learn.

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QR Audit Main Features at a Glance

 Cloud Based Software

QR Audit is an online stocktaking and inventory control software that uses mobile devices to conduct inventory count and asset audits.

 Barcode Scanning

Fast and error free stocktaking / audit process. Scan inventory in instead of using paper and pencil notes.

 Use Smartphone As A Scanner

Save money on purchasing scanning hardware - employees can use their own smartphones to scan in assets and inventory.

 QR Codes, Barcodes or NFC

QR Audit will work with what you have: QR codes, barcodes, or NFC tags.

 Built-in QR Code Generator

Inventory or assets not labeled? Use built-in web based tool to generate, layout and print QR code labels.

 Complete Or Cycle Count

Do complete inventory count or cycle count. Define what inventory groups should be counted for a specific audit via the web interface.

 Scheduled Audits

Schedule physical inventory counts, stocktaking or fixed asset audits via the web interface. Review progress, close audit when done.

 Ad Hoc Audits

Need to do frequent audits in the small spaces (e.g. individual hotel rooms, job sites, etc.)? Authorized employees can create Ad Hoc audits on their mobile device, perform audit and submit data.

 Fast & Efficient Audit Process

  1. No Special Devices Necessary Scan with a smartphone or tablet: perform counts quickly and accurately by scanning items.
  2. Concurrent Stock Takers Several people with different mobile devices can participate in the count simultaneously.
  3. Running count feed Review count feed as you scan. Update (if needed) before submitting.
  4. Autosave Interrupt stocktaking at any time and resume exactly where you stopped.
  5. Default Quantity Specify default quantity that will be added with each scan
  6. Quick and Easy The app is designed for continuous scanning with minimum clicks / minimum required user interaction
  7. No Lost Data Data are saved on the phone until the batch is submitted to the central database
  8. No Double Entries Data are submitted directly to the cloud - no need to re-enter manually taken notes to the computer

 Comprehensive Reports

Review and export audit reports: list of audited items, raw data (separate batches with date, time and employee who submitted it), discrepancies report. Get missing inventory reports, statistics and trends.

 Data Sync

Synchronize data with your inventory management / asset tracking system. Import "on the books" data into QR Audit, export actual inventory list based on the physical count. QR Audit will automatically compare data and produce discrepancies reports, that you can export to adjust inventory in your system.
QR Audit works seamlessly with QR Inventory - web based small business inventory management software.


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