Mobile Stock Taking and Inventory Control

Mobile Stock Control With QR Codes, Cloud Backend: Benefits

Use mobile phones, QR codes / barcodes or NFC tags to eliminate errors and expedite stocktaking, physical inventory counts, fixed assets audits.

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QR Audit Benefits at a Glance

 Fast, Error-Free Audits

Use barcode scanning to perform inventory count and assets audits fast, avoid manual entry errors. No need to stop business operations - perform physical inventory in hours, not days or weeks.

 Save Money On Hardware

Scan in inventory using smartphones, save money on purchasing scanning hardware: barcode scanners, PDAs, mobile computers.

 Barcodes, QR Codes or NFC tags

QR Audit works with what you have: barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags. In case your assets or inventory are not labeled, QR Audit has built-in QR code labels generator.

 Multi-User System

Any number of employees can work concurrently in different locations / sections of the warehouse, speeding up the process.

 Never Lose Collected Information

Collected data are sent to the cloud in batches as stocktaking or audit progresses, ensuring that no information is misplaced or lost.

 Error-Proof Process

Employees see running feed of scanned items, can make corrections before submitting the batch to the cloud.

 Flexible Audits Schedule

Plan to do inventory count in a large warehouse, or company-wide assets audit? Administrator can initiate planned audit, in which multiple employees can participate.

 Ad Hoc Audits

Need periodic audits of a small space by a single employee? Authorized employees can initiate, complete and submit ad hoc audit.

 Complete Audit Reports

Review audit reports, raw data (separate batches with date, time and employee who submitted it), discrepancies report. Adjust your current inventory data based on audit results.

 Sync With Inventory Management Software

Export audit reports and sync data with your inventory management system. Do inventory adjustment in one click if you are using QR Audit along with QR Inventory software.


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