Mobile Stock Taking and Inventory Control

Online Physical Inventory Counting Software: How Does It Work?

Streamline physical inventory count and fixed asset audits using cloud based system with stocktaking process based on barcode scanning. Mobile stocktaking step-by-step.


planned physical inventory count  

Planned Physical Inventory Count Or Fixed Assets Audit

If you want to do physical inventory count in a large location, or company-wide assets audit with participation of multiple employees, schedule audit via the web interface. You can define location, select if it is a complete count or cycle count, and select which inventory groups should be counted.

Once audit is scheduled, employees participating in the count will be able to access it on their smartphones. They will scan items in their designated areas using QR Audit mobile application. As employees scan, they see running feed of scanned inventory on their smartphone screen, and can make corrections if needed. At any moment employee can submit current batch to the cloud and start a new one.

QR Audit application is designed for continuous scanning with minimum clicks / minimum user interaction. Scanned data are auto saved, so that an employee can stop and resume at any time without losing collected information.

Administrator decides when an audit should be closed, and closes it via admin web based interface. Once audit is closed, employees cannot select it on their smartphones, and cannot submit any more data.

ad hoc asset audit  

Ad Hoc Inventory Or Assets Audits

If you need to frequently check inventory or assets in the small locations (e.g. hotel room, office, client site), or verify assets possession by individual employees, it is not practical to create planned audit for each case. In this situation employee performing the count will create ad hoc audit on the smartphone without administrator's involvement.

Once ad hoc audit is created, an employee will scan in inventory or assets using QR Audit mobile application. As for planned audits, an employee sees running feed on the smartphone screen. Scanned items are automatically saved on the phone, so that an employee can stop and resume at any time without data loss.

Once all assets or inventory items in audit location are scanned, the batch is submitted to the cloud. Ad hoc audit automatically closes, and submitted data are available to authorized users in real time for reports and analysis.

inventory count reports  

Audit Results

Audit results are available in real time to all authorized users. Review and export list of inventory or assets. Review raw audit data: all submitted inventory / asset batches, date and time when each batch was submitted, who submitted it. QR Audit will compare inventory found by the audit with inventory "on the books" and produce discrepancies report.

Get a bigger picture by accessing cumulative data on missing inventory during specified time periods (all audits combined) and its monetary value. Review aggregated data for all missing inventory by month, data statistics and trends.

sync to inventory management software  

Sync With External Inventory Management System

QR Audit allows you to import / export data to synchronize QR Audit with inventory management software or asset tracking software of your choice.

Import inventory on hand quantity or assets lists for various locations into QR Audit. These lists will be used by QR Audit to compare audit results with what should be in a specific location, and report discrepancies.

When each audit is comleted, you can export audit results report, as well as discrepancies report and import these data into your internal software.

Need real time integration? Please, contact us and let us know what software you are using.
web based inventory management for small business  

QR Inventory Asset Tracking and Inventory Control Software

Do you need a comprehensive inventory management software that will help you take assets and inventory under control? Do you want inventory management software to be simple, accommodate your workflow and not spend a fortune on it?
QR Inventory might be the answer!
QR Inventory is a web based inventory management software with mobile inventory processing and look-up. It allows you to track assets and inventory in multiple locations (warehouse, job site, service van, client site, etc.) using smartphone or tablet instead of barcode scanners / PDAs / mobile computers. QR Inventory works seamlessly with QR Audit.


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